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White Obstruction Lights & Lighting

Our white obstruction lighting systems are high brightness lights that provide a reliable, long-lasting solution. Cost-effective, low-maintenance systems offer advanced features like GPS synchronization, Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS) and automatic fail-safes.


The white obstruction lighting solutions below are suitable for FAA tower types B, C and D, as well as catenary applications (depending on the system).


  • Minimized light scatter with Fresnel optics
  • 5-year warranty on LED components, 2 years on xenon
  • Automatic fail-safes that switch to day mode after 19 hours without a change of state (FTB 310, FTS 370w)
  • Dry contact monitoring
  • GPS synchronization (FTB 310, FTS 370w)


See more features of each white obstruction light below or contact us for help selecting the solution that best meets your needs.