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FTS 370i Vanguard Integrated Wind Turbine Lighting

L-864 LED Obstruction Lighting System for Wind Turbines

The Vanguard FTS 370i IR is uniquely designed to accommodate the latest developments in wind turbines. In addition to being certified to the new FAA specification (FAA AC 150/534-43J), this lighting system is designed to work with Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) radars from market leaders like Detect™ and Terma™. Flash Technology’s new FTC 370 Lighting Control Module (LCM) enables wind farms to eliminate light pollution and realize significant energy savings.


The compact FTS 370i is a fully integrated, stand-alone LED obstruction light that does not have a controller taking space inside the nacelle. Incorporating patented optics and industry-leading surge protection, the FTS 370i has proven its reliability through years of field operations. With both FAA L-864 and ICAO Type B certifications, the FTS 370i can be used in standalone or dual configurations (turbine rotor tip height greater than 500 feet) specified by the FAA, ICAO and other regulatory agencies.


Standard Features

  • Fully integrated system – no external controller
  • Designed to work with market-leading Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS)
  • Infrared (IR) LEDs for compatibility with NVG and NVIS per FAA AC 150/5345-43J
  • Patented Fresnel optics to reduce light pollution by minimizing ground scatter
  • Industry-leading surge immunity of 25kA withstands 99% of all lighting strikes
  • GPS for synchronized flashing
  • Patented 360-degree light collector to switch light on at night
  • Dry contact relay: beacon, sync and mode status
  • Field configurable flash rate to 20 or 30 fpm
  • 5-year parts warranty


System Options

  • Mounting brackets available for multiple turbine manufacturers
  • Additional overvoltage protection (OVP) device protects against lightning strikes(approved for Siemens turbines)


Regulatory Compliance

  • FAA L-864 per AC 150/5345-43J
  • ICAO Annex 14 6th edition, medium intensity type B
  • DGAC L-864
  • CSA
  • CE

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    Input Voltage

    120-240 VAC


    50-60 Hz

    FH Dimensions

    15.75″ dia. x 7.31″ height
    (8.7″ to the top of GPS)
    400 dia. x 180.6 mm (220.7 mm top of GPS)

    FH Weight

    26.3 lbs (11.9 kg)

    FH Aerodynamic Wind Area

    99.125 in2 (63,900.51 mm2)

    Protection Rating




    L-864 red night at 2,000 ± 25% ECD flash intensity

    20 fpm


    30 fpm


    40 fpm


    Power consumption is 2 watts in stand-by.