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FTS 361-4 LED Tower Lighting System

Medium Intensity Red Obstruction Lighting System

The FTS 361-4 LED series is an L-864 system for structures taller than 150′ AGL (FAA tower types A1-A6) as well as MET towers.


All FTS 361 series systems include a display menu for onsite:

  • Alarm notification
  • Diagnostics
  • Configuration
  • Lighting inspections


FTS 361-4 LED Features

  • 5-year warranty, 10+ year life expectancy
  • Automatic failsafe—switches to night mode after 19 hours of no mode change; can be disabled if necessary
  • Fresnel optics minimize ground scatter
  • No EMI or RF
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and call center services
  • Configurable to meet AC 70/7460-1L


FTS 361-4 LED Options

  • Eagle or Modbus serial connection provides advanced data monitoring
    (When monitored by Flash Technology, the system qualifies for annual lighting inspections rather than quarterly)

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Input Voltage

100-240 VAC


50-60 Hz

Marker Power Consumption

6.8 watts per marker

Marker Dimensions

5.25” x 5.3” (133.4 x 133.6 mm)

Marker Weight

1.8 lbs. (0.82 kg)

FH Dimensions

15.75” dia. x 7.31” (400 dia. x 185.7 mm)

FH Weight

26.3 lbs. (11.92 kg)

FH Aerodynamic Wind Area

99.125 in² (2517.775 mm²)

FH Power Consumption

14 watts (50% duty cycle, 20 FPM)
23 watts IR (50% duty cycle, 20 FPM)

Flash Intensity

Red night – 2,000 ± 25% ECD

Controller Dimensions

21.75 x 16.75 x 6.44” (522.5 x 425.5 x 163.6 mm)

Controller Weight

22 lbs. (9 kg)

Controller Power Consumption

12 watts

Protection Rating



Intertek L864 certificate of conformance (AC 150/5345-43H)
Intertek L864 certificate of conformance (AC 150/5345-43G)
Intertek L864 certificate of conformance (AC 150/5345-43G – infrared)



FTS 361-4 datasheet
FTS 361x-4 Sistema de iluminación de obstrucción de aviación roja de intensidad media


Current Manual

FTS 361X-4 Manual Rev 1 (3.2MB)
Manuals for older product revisions can be found in the Knowledge Base.