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Hopital Elisée Charra – Lamastre, Ardèche, France

Located northwest of Valence in the Rhône Valley of Ardèche, France, Lamastre is a commune of almost 2,500 residents. Founded in 1790, the town boasts the ruins of two 10th century castles and a 13th-century château. Its geographical center is the Monts d’Ardeche Nature Park, making it a popular center for culture and tourism.


Just north of the town center and across the Doux River, the Hopital Elisée Charra is a 151-bed public health organization established in 1925. The hospital hosts an on-site helipad that affords care for those with more serious health concerns.


The hospital is working to implement sustainability projects, including recycling, water management, green spaces and energy audits, among others. They required new helipad lights and contracted HELYLUX Industries for the project. HELYLUX installed Flash Technology solar airfield lights on other projects across the country and knew the lights would be economical to purchase and quick to install. With no ongoing electrical requirements, they also support the hospital’s long-term energy savings goals.


Having been equipped with Flash Technology’s A650 and A704-VL solar helipad lights, Lamastre Hospital is now a rescue zone for emergency medical service (EMS) helicopter pilots. When flying in this area at night or inclement weather, EMS pilots who need to land in an emergency for a medical or technical reason can do so at Lamastre Hospital.

A704-VL helipad light installed in France
A704-VL and A560 helipad lights installed at Hopital Elisée Charra, France
A704-VL and A560 helipad lights installed at Hopital Elisée Charra, France

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