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High Intensity Obstruction Lighting Systems

Providing the brightest, most reliable lighting solutions, our high intensity lights are environmentally compliant and energy efficient. As an added benefit, all high intensity options are listed on the FAA Buy American Act registry.


Single and split closure options are available. Our high intensity lights can be grouped by:


  • Dual High Intensity Lighting – Three options are available. The FTB 224, FTB 205d and the FTB 225 systems strobe or flash white lights for day and twilight, and include red LED flashing lights for night. All three options are certified unidirectional 120-degree horizontal beams. Various advanced features like remote diagnostics, digital displays and EagleSmart controller integration are available.
  • White High Intensity Lighting – Both the FTB 204 and FTB 205 systems provide a white xenon strobe for day, twilight and night. The 204 system features 90% of components in an ozone free environment that extends their life, and offer up to 30’ of separation between PC and FH allowing antenna operation during most maintenance. The 205 system features a single enclosure for the power converter and flash head, reducing weight and wind load.
  • Catenary Obstruction Lighting – FTB 208 high intensity catenary lights for structures over 500’ AGL that support cables/wires suspended above canyons, valleys and waterways. Key features include three lighting levels for both and day and night, optional GPS synchronization and a single enclosure for the power converter and flashhead to reduce weight and wind load.


Explore high intensity obstruction lights below or contact us for help selecting the solution that best meets your needs.