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USAF Installs Solar Runway Edge Lights at Persian Gulf Air Base

The US Air Force recently ordered 70 solar runway edge lights for installation at a strategic airfield in the Persian Gulf region. Within 5 business days of receiving the order, Flash delivered its expedited solar LED airfield lighting at 1/10th the cost of conventional-powered lighting systems.

This recent order is a testament to the US Air Force’s satisfaction with Flash’s cutting-edge technology, efficient customer service and significant cost savings benefits. Flash Technology’s proprietary technology has allowed the US Air Force to eliminate recurring costs of maintenance, power requirements, infrastructure development and battery/bulb replacement.

In addition to the economic benefits, Energy Mandate Executive Order 13123 is an initiative aimed at the “greening” of federal facilities through an intensive energy savings program. By October 2004, the energy initiative is designed to reduce current energy consumption by 25% in comparison to 1990 baseline values. With the installation of Flash Technology solar products, various defense departments are able to eliminate the need for power while moving towards their respective goals of energy savings requirements. Flash will continue to provide green airfield lighting solutions to international defense departments and federal agencies through the implementation of its solar-powered, self-contained LED solutions.