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Limerick Generating Plant – Pottsdale, Pennsylvania

Located northwest of Philadelphia next to the Schuylkill River, the Limerick Generating Station in has two General Electric boiling water reactor (BWR) units that are cooled by natural draft cooling towers. The generation capacity of the two units 2,317 MW. This meets the electrical needs of more than 2 million households.


With the exception of refueling outages, the plant operates at 100% power. It is connected to the grid by several 500kv transmission lines.


Exelon Corporation owns and operates this facility:
“Today’s nuclear energy facilities produce 64 percent of America’s clean, carbon-free electricity. As America confronts climate change and seeks to reduce carbon emissions, nuclear energy is a vital part of the mix. It’s a 24/7 provider of base load power, far more productive than other clean energy sources and far more reliable too.”


For critical standby power, Exelon depends on eight emergency diesel generator sets that each deliver 3000 KW of power and are capable of achieving rated speed within 10 seconds of start.


On clear days the cooling towers for the Limerick Generating Station can be seen from the One Liberty Observation Deck in Philadelphia.





The hyperbolic cooling towers at the Limerick Generating Plant are marked by FTB 205 high intensity white tower lighting systems and employ an FTC 121 obstruction lighting system controller.

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