Vanguard Medium System Controller Overview

Overview of how to make initial connections to a Vanguard® II System Controller from Flash Technology.



Vanguard® Medium System Controller Overview


The system controller comes pre-wired from Flash Technology’s manufacturing facility. The video above illustrates the specific areas that the installation technician will set at the tower site.


Main Incoming AC Power


  • Power requirements: 120-240 volts AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Wire the power directly to the right of the fused insert, the F1 and F2 fuse block
  • Connect the power directly to the L1, L2 and grounding connection points


External Mode Control


This is the photodiode connection point. It goes directly on the bottom of the surge board.


This connection is polarity-sensitive so it’s critical to match up the polarity as indicated on the white screen-printed label on the control board.


System Controller Grounding


  • Find the #2 gauge lug pre-installed on the controller
  • Connect that with a #2 gauge wire
  • Don’t forget to coat both terminal ends with an anti-corrosive agent, like Noalox or copper shield


Flashhead Cable Connections


The flashhead cable connections are located on the bottom left-hand side of the enclosure. During installation, it is critical to match polarity and color-coding to avoid damage upon installation.


RS-485 Cable


If multiple systems exist on the tower site, you’ll have a factory-supplied RS-485 cable. The RS-485 connects to the bottom right-hand side of the main display board.


You’ll notice a dual port on this connection. There is no input or output. Simply terminate and give a small tug on the wire to ensure it’s seated properly.


Back-up Battery


Connect the back-up battery.


Once you’ve completed these steps, power the system on and perform the binding process as found in the Vanguard installation quick start guide supplied with the order.

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