TECK90 Cable Hoisting

Best practices to prepare TECK90 cable for hoisting onto a communications tower

Bill and Brian from Flash University walk us through best practices for hoisting and installing TECK90 cable.


Rugged TECK90 cable helps protect Vanguard Medium FTS 370 obstruction lighting systems from electromagnetic (EMI) or radio frequency (RF) interference and damage.


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Best Practices for Hoisting and Installing Vertical Runs of TECK90 Cable


  1. Install the hoisting grip to the outside jacket of the TECK90 cable.
  2. Allow 5-20’ of cable to extend past the hoisting grip to provide head room, depending on the light’s mounting location. With adequate headroom, you can secure the cable grip to the tower with enough extra cable to terminate to the lighting equipment.
  3. Use the provided tape to secure the grip to the cable.
  4. Using a pipe hitch or timber hitch, create several overhand knots with a rope or sling below the hoisting grip.
  5. Secure the sling using tape to prevent it becoming kinked or tangled in the tower or other protruding objects while hoisting the cable.
  6. Secure the cable to the load rope before hoisting, with each section no more than 1’ apart.
  7. Repeat this process for each additional TECK90 cable spool.


Full installation instructions are included with every system order.

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