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Flash Technology to Light FirstNet Communications Towers

You’ve seen headlines covering disasters and emergencies, and officials calling for improved response tactics. To address this ongoing issue, the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and AT&T will launch a wireless broadband public-safety network nationwide. Flash Technology will be the obstruction lighting provider for new cell towers erected under this initiative.

As part of the sophisticated telecommunications system that empowers first responders to exchange information more quickly and efficiently, Flash Technology’s products will contribute to the initiative’s operability and infrastructure. Obstruction lighting will vary based on geographical location and cell tower height, but many of the newer towers have embraced the FTS 370d Vanguard® II LED tower lighting system and Vanguard Red FTS 371 SMART tower lighting solution, two of the most reliable FAA lighting solutions in the industry. Since 1970, when Flash Technology was born, the company has installed more than 37,000 broadcast and cell tower lighting systems.

“We are advocates of FirstNet and AT&T’s shared purpose to save and improve human life through innovation and technology. These passions combined with Flash Technology’s track record and long working relationship with AT&T make us a logical supplier for this effort,” said Pete Bruce, Flash Technology’s VP of Channel Management.

FirstNet and AT&T say they have received positive feedback from states and their governors, who reviewed plans on June 19, 2017 (three months ahead of schedule), and many have immediately opted in to the network. “We expect most, if not all, states will join,” John Donovan, AT&T Chief Strategy Officer and Group President of Technology and Operations, told Inside Towers.

FirstNet and AT&T are eager to continue building momentum for this project, and are on track to roll out the network by the end of the year.