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SPX Acquires Sealite, Avlite Systems and Star2M

SPX Acquires Sealite, Avlite Systems and Star2M

        SPX Technologies acquires Sealite and affiliated entities Avlite Systems and Star2M. These businesses have become a key operating company in SPX’s Aids to Navigation (“AtoN”) business platform, alongside Flash Technology and Sabik Marine, reporting through SPX’s Detection & Measurement segment. Read more.

Vanguard High FTS 270

Flash launches line of LED high intensity obstruction lights, the Vanguard High FTS 270

Vanguard Red FTS 371

Vanguard Red FTS 371 and Vanguard Red FTS 371 SMART product introduced for FAA A-type towers

Harold Edgerton

MIT professor Harold Edgerton (a pioneer of high-speed photography) partnered with his graduate student Kenneth Germeshausen to found a small technical consulting firm. The two were joined by fellow MIT graduate student Herbert Grier in 1934. Bernard "Barney" O'Keefe became the fourth member of their fledgling technology group.   The group's

Stig W. Jorgensen

A native of Stockholm, Sweden where he studied mechanical and electrical engineering, Stig W. Jorgensen came to the United States to find work in production engineering. Stig worked for MIT Professor Edgerton, the inventor of flash strobe photography.

Sanders Associates, Inc

Stig moved to New Hampshire to work for Sanders Associates, Inc. Sanders was a defense contractor from 1951 to 1986, when it was bought by Lockheed Corporation.   (The first home video game console was developed as a side project by Sanders and sold to Magnavox.)