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Air Bases Use Solar Infrared Runway Lights for NVG Ops

The US Air National Guard and US Air Force have ordered 60 A702-IR infrared runway lights, with the new manual switch for programming, to be installed on 2 combat runways for night vision goggle (NVG) operations in St. Joseph’s, Missouri and Altus, Oklahoma. These orders include all of the A702-IR stake mount accessories, stakes, couplings, base plates and bolts.

Both air bases required maintenance-free, infrared runway lighting systems to train for overseas covert landing operations. The US Air National Guard saw the benefits in not having to charge or replace batteries, as well as the zero-power infrastructure. In the past, airfield crews have had to physically place the lights in the field each time they conducted a nighttime operation and then take them out of service at the end of training to recharge batteries and replace bulbs. Flash Technology’s A702-IR lights will be installed permanently, eliminating battery and bulb replacement, while operating maintenance-free for up to 5 years.

The A702-IR infrared runway solar LED light is designed for covert defense operations using NVG technology. NVG compatible and invisible to the naked eye, the A702-IR light can be detected from a distance of 6.5NM under clear conditions. This model offers a mechanical push button switch that provides two levels of “steady on” light intensity settings. A third setting can be selected for 60 flashes per minute and is specifically used during specific “Box and One” landing operations.

These lights can be purchased with either omnidirectional (360°) or 180° output with each air force base installing one of these options.