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Sunstone’s IP CCTV System a novel use for solar obstruction lights

Solar-powered innovation at its best

Think differently—that’s what Sunstone did to develop their newly patented Solar IP CCTV System (SICS), which allows customers to remotely monitor a site across a wireless network in a remote area via a solar-powered surveillance camera. The system is installed in extremely challenging locations that experience extreme temperatures and a highly corrosive atmosphere, requiring a rugged and robust design.

Since the SICS needs to be marked with crash barriers and warning lights to prevent accidental collisions with the system at night, Flash Technology’s OL2A solar obstruction lights are a perfect fit. These lights are built tough to withstand the harsh environments the SICS might be deployed in—they can handle water, dust and other extreme weather. Since they don’t require any power cables, they are easy to install and maintain. Long-life batteries and solar panels make them an efficient companion to the Solar IP CCTV System, especially in oil and gas fields.

“The solar lights were chosen because they would not be an additional electrical burden on the overall system, have proven to operate in very hostile environments and the design is highly rugged,” says Simon Legrand, Director of Sunstone IP Systems Ltd. “The lights are very easy to install and operate, and the customer has been very impressed with the performance of the lights.”

Each SICS includes four OL2As, one for each corner, for easy visibility in the field.

Sunstone IP CCTV with solar obstruction lights

View SICS brochure and watch the installation video