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FAA AC 70/7460-1L Discussed at SWS 2016

Flash FAA regulations expert Dan Harris offers expertise at 2016 South Wireless Summit

FAA AC 70-7460-1L discussed at SWSFlash Technology is honored that Dan Harris, director of sales and in-house FAA lighting expert, was asked to discuss FAA AC 70/7460-1L at the South Wireless Summit in Nashville, TN, March 2016. Dan highlighted the top changes in the Federal Aviation Administration’s most recent advisory circular.


Red and dual light structures 350’ to 2,200’ AGL no longer require L-810 markers. L-864 beacons must flash at 30fpm.
(Pages A-7, A-11 – A-13)

A-1 & E-1 TOWERS

Structures under 350’ AGL require red flashing L-810 markers with a 30fpm rate, matching the L-864 beacon flash rate.
(Pages A-7, A-11)

D-2 & E-2 TOWERS

Towers from 500’ to 700’ AGL may utilize medium intensity white or medium intensity dual lighting. (Pages A-8, A-11)


No obstructions larger than 7/8” should be in the horizontal path of the flashhead. (Page 4-4)
Lights cannot be nested within antennas, hardware, lightning rods or appurtenances larger than 7/8” diameter. (Page 4-4)
Light shields or shades are not permitted. (Page 4-5)


Visual inspection of flashhead lenses should be conducted every 24 months. (Page 4-3)


Structure owners are required to provide 45 days’ notice of proposed construction. (Page 1-1)
Structure owners are required to provide 10 days’ notice of actual construction or alteration. (Page 1-1)

Please visit our FAA lighting regulations page for quick-reference obstruction lighting materials.