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ICAO Wind Cone

Equip heliports with at least one wind direction indicator located so that it indicates the wind conditions over the FATO and TLOF while free from the effects of airflow disturbances caused by nearby objects or rotor downwash. It should be visible from a helicopter in flight, in a hover or on the movement area. Where a TLOF and/or FATO may be subject to a disturbed airflow, place additional wind direction indicators to indicate the surface wind on the area.


If a heliport will be used for night flights, the wind direction indicator must be lit.


A wind direction indicator is a truncated cone made of lightweight fabric with the following minimum dimensions:

Surface-level heliports Elevated heliports and helidecks
Length 2.4 m 1.2 m
Diameter (larger end) 0.6 m 0.3 m
Diameter (smaller end) 0.3 m 0.15 m


The color of the wind direction indicator should make it clearly visible and understandable from a height of at least 200 m (650 ft) above the heliport, having regard to the background.


Where practicable, use a single color, preferably white or orange.

Where a combination of 2 colors is required due to the background, the color should be orange and white, red and white or black and white.
Striped wind cones should be arranged in 5 alternate bands, the first and last band being the darker color.

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