FTS 370x System Configuration Diagnostics

Vanguard Medium 370d tower light

Tower Lighting Configuration Page:

  • Enter Site ID and Site Name
  • Select Tower Type & Total Beacons from menu
  • Marker Mode – Steady/Flashing
  • IR Enable – Yes/No (Does not affect markers)
  • IR Alarm is Night Alarm
    • When enabled, an IR alarm will trigger the night alarm.
  • Default flash specification is FAA
  • Reboot – Controller 1 only
  • Site Reboot – All controllers at the site

System # Configuration Page:

  • Markers Per-Tier
  • AOL Beacon – Yes/No
  • Beacon Bind State – Bound/Unbound
  • Marker Bind State (if present)
  • If “Beacon Enabled = No”, it will not alarm

Reportable Event Configuration:

  • When disabled, an SNMP trap will not be sent or stored in the event log.
  • Disable SNMP traps during troubleshooting for root cause of chattering to prevent excessive traps

Monitoring Configuration Page:

  • Default monitoring configuration shown in graphic
  • SNMP can only be enabled on the primary

Local Ethernet Network Configuration Page:

  • Default local network configuration to configure System 1 on the connected network
  • Options for Primary Data Monitoring:
    • Disabled
    • Cellular Eagle
    • RS485 Modbus RTU
    • Ethernet SNMP / Modbus (RTU / TCP)
    • Ethernet Eagle
  • A full description of each is available in the product manual

SNMP Labels Configuration Page:

  • Labels are configurable to facilitate use of User Terminology

SNMP Settings Configuration Page:

  • Allows SNMP V2C and V3 configuration settings based on the SNMP Version selected in System Settings.
  • Inform Retry Interval:
    • Time between repeats if alarm not acknowledged
    • Default is 1200
  • Inform Retry Count:
    • Default number of repeats is 72

Login Settings Configuration Page:

  • Change the password for the webpage
    • Default password is FlashAdmin
    • Password is case sensitive
  • Webpage access restrictions can be set
    • Default is no password
    • Available options are:
      • None
      • Configuration pages only
      • All (Includes Configuration Pages, Forced Mode Overrides and Lighting Inspection commands

System Settings Configuration Page:

  • Configure for FTP, SSH access
    • Default is enabled
  • Webpage Communications Protocol:
    • Set to HTTPS or both HTTP and HTTPS
    • Default is both
  • SNMP Version is selectable
    • Default is V2C
    • Backwards compatible to V2