Vanguard® Flashhead Wiring Procedure

Learn how to properly wire a Vanguard FTS 370 LED beacon.



Wire and Protect a Vanguard LED Flash Head


For visual references, please watch the flash head wiring procedure video above.


Flash Head Wiring


  • Flash recommends that you remove approximately 6” from the black outer jacket and about 3/4” from each individual conductor.
  • Once the wires stripped, feed them through the black cord grip on the front of the LED base.
  • Seat each wire into a corresponding color-coded terminal position.
  • Using a flat-tipped, non-flared screwdriver, create an opening in the appropriate position and insert the conductor.


To insert the conductor, take the flathead screwdriver directly below the wire termination points.


  • The green ground location accommodates our bare shield wire.
  • The black DC- accommodates the black wire of the LED flash head cable.
  • The red DC+ positive for the last wire.


After seating the wires, give them a small tug to make sure that they’re secure.


We also recommend you visually confirm that the terminal block does not wrap around or close on the jacket of the outer wire of each individual conductor.


Latch the Beacon Plate


  • Tighten the black cord grip.
  • Close the LED beacon plate using the two outer latches.




Grounding the Vanguard LED flash head helps protect the beacon in case of problems in the electrical system or from lightning strikes.


  • On the outside of the beacon base, find the #2 grounding lug. Flash recommends you use a minimum #8 gauge wire at this point.
  • Tie the connection directly to the tower steel using a beam clamp or angle adapter.
  • Coat both terminal ends with an anti-corrosive agent.
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