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3 ways to tell a MKR 372 from a MKR 371

Parts Affected:

MKR 372 (F1901110, F1901120, F1901130, F1901140, F1904205)
MKR 371 (F1900010, F1900020, F1900030, F1900040, F1904210)

Flash Technology released MKR 372 to conform with the recently released AC 150/5345-43J. MKR 372 is very similar to its predecessor, MKR 371. Since infrared lights are invisible to the naked eye, how can you tell if obstruction lights are infrared or non-IR?


3 ways to quickly tell MKR 372 from MKR 371:

MKR 372 (IR L-810)

MKR 372, an L-810 infrared obstruction light, has LED boards on all 6 faces

6 LED Boards
(1 board per face)

MKR 371 (Non-IR L-810)

MKR 371, an L-810 obstruction light, has 3 LED boards on alternating faces

3 LED Boards
(Alternating faces)

  1. Each marker has a label on its side identifying the product.
  2. If the label is missing, look at the L-810 marker from the top (shown above).
    • MKR 372 will have LED boards on every side of the central hexagonal conductor (6 boards).
    • MKR 371 will have LED boards only on alternating faces of the central hexagonal conductor (3 boards).
  3. Install L-810 marker, check MKR A2D values and call Flash Tech Support at 800.821.5825, option 9.