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FTB 600 High Intensity Wave-Off Beacon


The FTB 600 class beacons provide ultra-high intensity wave-off signals for visual indication to abort a landing. The beacon can be activated manually or by an automatic runway incursion system. In addition to providing an “imminent danger” warning when verbal communications are difficult, they may also be used for non-scheduled runway closures.


Originally designed for the U.S. Navy and used for many years as an abort (wave-off) signal for Navy pilots, they were also employed by NASA for Space Shuttle landing sites. The FTB 600 series is now available for commercial use.


FTB 600 Features

  • Greater than 800,000 effective candelas
  • Maximum awareness
  • Runway incursion alert
  • Provokes immediate pilot response
  • Instant visual warning to abort landing
  • Safety interlocks
  • Internal surge protection
  • Flash Technology meets the Buy American Act with all our airport lighting systems


FTB 600 Options

  • 50Hz instead of 60Hz
  • Red lens – FTB 622
  • Clear lens – FTB 623
  • “Flip” red lens – FTB 624

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High Mode

Clear Lens: 800,000 effective candelas
Red Lens: 50,000 effective candelas

Low Mode

Clear Lens: 80,000 effective candelas
Red Lens: 5,000 effective candelas

Flash Frequency

90 flashes per minute

Vertical Beam Coverage

Horizontal Beam Coverage


Elevation Angle Adjustment

0° to 10°


Power Converter

Input Voltage

120, 240, 480 volt 60 Hz
Single phase

FTB 600 datasheet


Current Manual
FTB 622 Manual (2.8MB)
Manuals for older product revisions can be found in the Knowledge Base.