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ICAO taxiway

The specifications for taxiway centerline lights and taxiway edge lights in Annex 14, Volume I are applicable to helicopter taxiways.


Use green taxiway centerline lights on an exit taxiway, taxiway, de-icing/anti-icing facility and apron intended for use in runway visual range conditions less than 350 m to provide continuous guidance between the runway centerline and aircraft stands. These lights are not required where traffic is light and taxiway edge lights and centerline marking provide adequate guidance.


Use blue taxiway edge lights at the edges of a runway turn pad, holding bay, de-icing/anti-icing facility, apron, etc., at night and on a taxiway not provided with taxiway centerline lights. Taxiway edge lights are not required when adequate guidance is achievable by surface illumination or other means.


With a red output, Series A650 lights can be used to mark airside construction or other obstructions.

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