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FAA L-861

FAA L-861 – Medium intensity runway edge lighting (MIRL), displaced threshold lights for non- precision Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) runways
Omnidirectional: White, yellow
Bidirectional: White-yellow, white-red, yellow-red, green-yellow


FAA L-861E – Low intensity runway threshold/end light, displaced threshold for non-precision IFR runways
Bidirectional: Red-green, red-red
Unidirectional: Green


FAA L-861SE – Runway threshold/end lights for non-precision IFR runways
Bidirectional: Red-green
Unidirectional: Green


FAA L-861T – Taxiway edge lights, apron edge lights
Omnidirectional: Blue


L-860 Runway Lights Beam Coverage, Colors and Intensity

TypeColor2 to 10 Degrees10 to 15 Degrees
Minimum 75 ecd, minimum average intensity 125 ecd
Minimum 37 ecd, minimum average intensity 67 ecd
Minimum 28 ecd, minimum average intensity 46 ecd
Minimum 3 ecd, minimum average intensity 5 ecd
Minimum 40 ecd
Minimum 20 ecd
Minimum 14 ecd
Minimum 1 ecd
L-861T**BlueMinimum 2 ecdMinimum 1 ecd


*L-861 red is only 180 degrees of horizontal coverage for unidirectional and bidirectional.
**L-861T coverage is 2 candelas minimum from 0 to 6 degrees vertically and must be visible from 15 to 90 degrees vertical (verified visually) as projected.



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