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FAA L-854

FAA L-854 Radio Controller (Pilot Controlled Lights)


Control runway edge lighting systems through local and/or remote methods.


Remote controls are recommended at locations served by an air traffic control tower, flight service station or other manned offices.

  • Remote controls may be designed using a fixed-wire method, or radio control with L-854 equipment per AC 150/5345-49, Specification L-854, Radio Control Equipment.
  • Use the L-854 receiver in conjunction with a pilot relay to control the light units. Select a relay with contacts rated to carry continuously the required rated load.


Local controls may be designed using direct switching at the site, or automatic controls such as a photoelectric control device or timer switch with provisions for switching from automatic to manual control.


L-854 radio controls may be used to power other airport lighting, including PAPI lights.

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