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Airport Tower Lights and Airport Obstruction Lighting

Flash Technology’s airfield lighting experience doesn’t stop at the runway. Our lights mark more than 50,000 communications structures and 2,000 airfields across the globe, including on-airport obstruction lighting like airport tower lights and airport barricade lights. Our reliable lights for airport obstructions provide critical lighting and hazard marking in the world’s toughest conditions.


Hardwired Airport Tower Lights


On-airport obstructions are typically marked with aviation red paint for day and red lights for the night. The Vanguard® Red series complies with multiple regulatory agencies for structures requiring red-only airport obstruction lighting.


Integrated Solar Obstruction Lights


Our solar airfield lights and airport barricade lights are an ideal choice for fast-paced and safety-critical airside construction projects.

  • Make a visible impression with compliant equipment marking. Our lights for airport barricades offer multiple intensities, colors and flash settings, we have the products you need to be seen airside.
  • Mark your taxiway or runway closures with Flash Technology unserviceability lights. Just install the light and turn it on; all our integrated solar lights charge during the day and can operate automatically dusk to dawn.


On-going Support

As compliance experts, Flash Technology offers resources and solutions to help clients mitigate risks associated with the installation and maintenance of airport lights and monitoring systems.


Ensure your site is safe, visible and compliant with Flash Technology’s airport obstruction lighting solutions. Contact our lighting experts to discuss your unique airport obstruction needs.