Airport Lighting Systems

Our airport lighting solutions are currently used at over 1,200 airports to provide reliable, cost-effective airport approach lights that meet FAA L-849 standards. Our lights meet all international standards, are versatile and can be used for anything from simple runway and identifier lights (REIL) to MALSR, ALSF, ODALS and other alignment and marking purposes. Airport lighting system products we offer include:


  • Unidirectional lighting, current or voltage driven
  • Omnidirectional lights, current or voltage driven
  • Controllers/monitors for current or voltage driven lighting
  • Airport, heliport and wave-off beacons


We don’t simply sell airport obstruction lights. If you’re looking for monitoring, inspection and support in maintaining FAA-compliant lighting systems, we perform those and many other services as well. Our goal is to make installing, maintaining and repairing your airport approach lights as easy as possible.

View individual airport lighting system details below or reach out to one of our lighting specialists to discuss your specific needs.