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Airport Layout and Lighting System Design

Flash Technology’s airport lighting team tries to understand the needs of your project from the first email to the last phone call. After a brief period of gathering requirements, we cross-reference the characteristics and operations profile of your airport against the codes and regulations you must meet. Based on our preliminary research, we verify the physical dimensions of the airport and determine the products and number of airport lights your site requires. Be confident in our understanding of your needs with Flash Technology system design and airport layouts. This value-added service is included free of charge.


Read on to see how we can enhance your proposal or project.


System Design

Once you contact our airport lighting team, we go on a fact finding mission. The more information you can provide during first contact, the faster we can go to work for you.


We need a wide range of information including:


  • Lighting application (ie. runway, helipad, remote airstrip, etc.)
  • Dimensions
  • Physical characteristics (ie. pavement, gravel, grass, etc.)
  • Type of operations (ie. commercial/civil/general aviation, IFR, VFR, etc.)
  • Temporary, permanent or portable installation
  • Desired level of control
  • Other requirement (ie. windcone, PAPI, runway guard lights, etc.)


If you don’t know all of this information, no problem! We’re here to help. Based on the information you provide and the profile we develop, we design your lighting system and create your custom quote.


Every quote includes the details you need to know about the number and type of lights, mounting equipment, control and price!


Take a look at a few of the results from our system design for this airport in Nigeria.

Airport layout in Nigeria Africa



Number Lights




9,843′ (3,000 m)

200′ (60 m)








2,297′ (700 m)

82′ (25 m)



Airport Layouts

Project details and cover page


You will find a detailed legend and bill of materials that reflect the number of lights in your quotation on page 1.


The dimensions of the runway are triple verified with the customer, the published airport information and Google Earth. To enhance our understanding of your needs, we don’t just focus on your runway, we also look at the surrounding area to ensure you have the right mounting equipment for your application.

Runway lights and runway edge lighting design

Detail drawings


The details are important to you, so they’re important to us.


Take a closer look at the threshold and end of your runway with our detail drawings. Whether it’s typical spacing or specific, you’ll see exactly where our numbers come from.


Our full-color drawings ensure that you know the correct placement and orientation and the difference between unidirectional lights and omnidirectional airport lights.

runway threshold lighting design

Taxiway drawings


Our expertise doesn’t stop at the runway. Flash Technology’s taxiway layouts guide you all the way to the apron.


From straight lines to corners, our layouts show the correct quantity and spacing of taxiway lights.


Other details include guidance on the placement of elevated runway guard lights, airfield guidance signs and off-strip helipads.

Taxiway and apron lighting design

Advanced Solar Simulations

Solar simulation and system sizing


During preliminary system selection and sizing, we use decades of solar and weather data recorded by NASA to simulate a solar profile of your location.


With this huge inventory of data, our proprietary simulation software and decades of experience, the products we select are guaranteed to work for your operations in your location.

solar simulation map

You don’t just want airport lights, you need experience and a solution custom-tailored to your airport. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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